Founded in 1968, Listed company in China


Jinggong Technology adheres to the customer focus, puts product quality first, and uses the best team to serve the owners of Jinggong Technology equipment. From customized advice to innovative improvement solutions that increase machine performance, reduce energy consumption, and increase production and profitability. In order to keep customers competitive in the market!


The foundation of cooperation is mutual understanding, and we are delighted to welcome you to the Jinggong family.

  • Interpret the advantages of the equipment
  • Improve the economic efficiency of the machine
  • Improve energy balance
  • Analyze the process and provide a reasonable solution


In the fast-growing textile market, it is very important to start a project quickly.

  • Advanced and professional installation equipment
  • Experienced team
  • Strong leadership training ability
  • High timeliness


We firmly believe that good after-sales service is an integral part of a company's development.

  • All-weather after-sales service
  • 12 months warranty service
  • Regular return visits
  • Provide spare parts repair and purchase services

Technical Support

A high-quality scientific research team of 30 people, an independent 'textile laboratory', applies the best technology at home and abroad to our equipment.

  • Customized service for optimal solution
  • Develop new products from time to time
  • More professional restructuring suggestions

Update and Upgrade

We provide innovative update and upgrade services to ensure that equipment remains competitive in the market.

  • Retrofit new components or new parts
  • Share the optimal device configuration
  • Software upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Jinggong's main customers from?
The main sales areas of our equipment are Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Major countries such as: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, etc.
Do you have after-sales support?
Yes, we have a professional team to provide online and offline service installation support.
How long is the warranty period for the equipment?
The warranty period for general equipment is 1 year.
Why the price of your machines is higher than others?
As we insist on putting quality first and spend a lot of time and money developing how to make machines more automated, more productive, and less energy intensive.