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Spandex Yarn Covering Machine

Spandex Yarn Covering Machine

HKV204 Spandex Yarn Covering Machine

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Equipment overview

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine is a new type of coating equipment with a high degree of mechatronics. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the process adjustment is flexible and convenient; the middle section adopts a modular roller structure, and a single spindle starts and stops independently. At the same time, it is equipped with imported network nozzles, which is suitable for air covering between nylon, polyester and other raw materials or between spandex, and the finished products are widely used in knitting and woven fields (such as: seamless underwear, Sportswear, casual wear, elastic bands, swimwear, knitted socks, industrial fabrics, etc.

Product Features

1. The winding and forming mechanism of this machine adopts electromechanical joint control technology, which can precisely control the anti-stacking, excellent forming, and fast yarn unwinding speed. The length of the winding paper tube is 230mm and 290mm.

2. The world's top Swiss Heberlein nozzle is used to effectively ensure the quality of the network, and the suitable nozzle model is selected according to the different yarn specifications used by the user.

Spandex Yarn Covering Machine-1

3. The process setting adopts LCD touch screen, and the action process of each part can be executed only by entering the required numbers in the program, and the setting is more convenient and intelligent.

4. Using a single-spindle control circuit board, it has the function of controlling each spindle to start and stop independently, and at the same time, it controls the wire probe, scissors, and roller motors according to the program.

5. The control components are installed inside the machine head control box, and are used to control the operation of each part of the equipment through various precision components. The frequency converter is used to regulate the speed, which saves electricity and makes the speed control more accurate and stable.

6. In order to ensure the winding and forming, there is an electromechanical joint anti-stacking mechanism controlled by the central collective at the front end of the machine. The mechanism is stepless controlled by a frequency converter by a separate deceleration motor. According to the parameters set by the user, the forward and reverse rotation and running and stopping time can be controlled by PLC, so as to control the winding length and make controllable micro-adjustments to achieve the prevention of the purpose of stacking.

7. The equipment is equipped with an oil-water separation triplet with air pressure setting function at the air inlet to filter excess water and residual oil in the compressed air, effectively ensuring the quality of the yarn.

8. In each spindle position, it is composed of three yarn detectors and a thread cutter. When the detector detects the yarn breakage, the single-spindle control board in the middle section will transmit the signal to the thread cutter. The remaining yarn is cut off and the spindle is stopped to avoid monofilament winding, resulting in waste of raw materials and energy.

Schematic diagram of the overall dimensions of the equipment

Spandex Yarn Covering Machine-2

Schematic diagram of the configuration process of the compressed air station (reference)

Spandex Yarn Covering Machine-3


Yarn Covering Machine: Yarn Covering Machine, Air Covering Machine, Rubber Covering Machine

JINGGONG Technology: Founded in 1968, Listed company in China

JINGGONG Technology: Spandex Yarn Covering Machine Manufacturer

Listed company in China

Stock Code: SZ002006

Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968. It was successfully listed in 2004 (Stock code: 002006). The leader of special equipment technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading in China.
The textile machinery branch of JINGGONG Science & Technology is Chinese textile machinery equipment industry association executive director unit.

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Jinggong Panorama
Jinggong Panorama
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop

Enterprise Advantages

Product quality

High-standard and high-precision production tooling requirements, providing products that meet customer needs and whose quality can withstand international evaluations.


The perfect after-sales service system has always insisted that the equipment installation is the responsibility of the company's personnel, the standards are unified, and the installation quality is tracked and assessed.

Research & development

Has a professional technology research and development center, high-end technology research and development talents, and cooperates with industry associations, domestic and foreign research and development institutions and colleges to innovate.

Energy saving

The application of more optimized systems and imported parts enables some models to save 10% energy compared with other brands of equipment with the same configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Jinggong's main customers from?
The main sales areas of our equipment are Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Major countries such as: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, etc.
Do you have after-sales support?
Yes, we have a professional team to provide online and offline service installation support.
How long is the warranty period for the equipment?
The warranty period for general equipment is 1 year.
Why the price of your machines is higher than others?
As we insist on putting quality first and spend a lot of time and money developing how to make machines more automated, more productive, and less energy intensive.
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