Yarn Covering Machine
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Single Yarn Covering Machine

Single Yarn Covering Machine

HKV141D Single Yarn Covering Machine

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Equipment overview

HKV141D Spandex/Elastic Yarn Covering Machine (Single Yarn Covering Machine) is suitable for the production of 70D~600D covered yarns of different specifications (covering between nylon, polyester or cotton yarn and spandex). The advantage of low power consumption. Its final products are mainly used in knitting fields such as hosiery, weaving and underwear.

Product Features

1. The machine is equipped with a variety of spindle components of different specifications, including straight and conical spindles. Straight and tapered spindles refer to the inner hole of the outer wire. Generally speaking, straight spindles are mainly suitable for users to produce double-package yarns due to the simple control of winding and twisting direction, while conical spindles are used for dismantling bobbins. It is more convenient, the bobbin and the spindle are well combined, and it is mostly used for the production of single-package yarns. The spindles are arranged in an arc shape to save power consumption.

Single Yarn Covering Machine-1

2. The machine forming box is suitable for covering a variety of different specifications of spandex and outer yarn. Due to the use of oil bath forming box and advanced axial and circumferential anti-folding mechanism, as well as progressive edge closing device, Equipped with a bobbin holder made of steel plate with sufficient strength, the coiled formed bobbin has a smooth appearance and is suitable for unwinding in the next process.

3. The overall welded frame is firm and stable, and the installation is fast and simple, which is completely suitable for the needs of high-speed production.

4. The front part of the car is equipped with a digital display controller, which mainly monitors the speed of the upper and lower spindles, the speed of the take-up roller and the feed roller. The interior adopts domestic advanced electrical components, adopts star-delta delay conversion to start, and has a motor motor air circuit breaker and an overheat protector, which double protects the motor, effectively cuts off the power supply in case of overcurrent, and protects human-machine safety. At the same time, it is equipped with a delayed shutdown function of the lower layer, which can basically ensure the synchronous shutdown of the upper and lower layers, and avoid annoying silk thread summary during shutdown.

5. At the lower end of the machine, there is an active spandex wire feeding part, and the roller can be made of bakelite roller or steel pipe roller, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the drafting ratio.

6. The front part of the machine adopts two motors to drive the upper and lower spindles respectively, so that the S and Z twist conversion can be quickly realized, especially when processing double-package products, the spindle speed can be adjusted by replacing the pulley. Make sure the inner and outer yarn torsion is balanced.

7. Three sets of matching gears are set at the end of the machine, and the gear matching ratio between each group can be adjusted according to the needs of the yarn to be processed to meet the user's requirements for twist, draft ratio and coiling tightness.

8. The two sides of the machine are respectively equipped with footboards, which can easily disassemble and install the coiling bobbin at any time, which reduces the operating height and improves the work efficiency.

User-selectable components

1. Main motor frequency conversion function: easy to adjust the spindle speed, simple and accurate;

2. Lateral micro-movement device: effectively prevent the pressure roller from grooving and ensure uniform twist.

3. Open forming box: suitable for producing fine denier covered yarn forming.

Schematic diagram of external dimensions

Single Yarn Covering Machine-2


Yarn Covering Machine: Yarn Covering Machine, Air Covering Machine, Rubber Covering Machine

JINGGONG Technology: Founded in 1968, Listed company in China

JINGGONG Technology: Single Yarn Covering Machine Manufacturer

Listed company in China

Stock Code: SZ002006

Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1968. It was successfully listed in 2004 (Stock code: 002006). The leader of special equipment technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading in China.
The textile machinery branch of JINGGONG Science & Technology is Chinese textile machinery equipment industry association executive director unit.

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Jinggong Panorama
Jinggong Panorama
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop
Draw Texturing Machine, DTY Machine Workshop

Enterprise Advantages

Product quality

High-standard and high-precision production tooling requirements, providing products that meet customer needs and whose quality can withstand international evaluations.


The perfect after-sales service system has always insisted that the equipment installation is the responsibility of the company's personnel, the standards are unified, and the installation quality is tracked and assessed.

Research & development

Has a professional technology research and development center, high-end technology research and development talents, and cooperates with industry associations, domestic and foreign research and development institutions and colleges to innovate.

Energy saving

The application of more optimized systems and imported parts enables some models to save 10% energy compared with other brands of equipment with the same configuration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Jinggong's main customers from?
The main sales areas of our equipment are Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Major countries such as: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, etc.
Do you have after-sales support?
Yes, we have a professional team to provide online and offline service installation support.
How long is the warranty period for the equipment?
The warranty period for general equipment is 1 year.
Why the price of your machines is higher than others?
As we insist on putting quality first and spend a lot of time and money developing how to make machines more automated, more productive, and less energy intensive.
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