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Open End Spinning Machine, Rotor Spinning Machine Operating Procedures

Open End Spinning Machine, Rotor Spinning Machine Operating Procedures

Rotor Spinning Machine Operating Procedures

Impurities left in the coagulation groove of the rotor will destroy the cohesion of the strands and the transfer of twist, causing the spun yarn to have periodic unevenness, the wavelength is about the circumference of the rotor, and in severe cases, it will cause broken ends. Even if fine dust enters the condensation tank, it will gradually accumulate into larger particles and have the same effect. Therefore, in addition to the impurity removal device for the rotor spinning device itself, the function of removing dust should be strengthened during the pre-spinning process. For example, in cotton spinning, a small cotton tuft opener, a powerful dust collector, and a double carding machine can be installed. The uniform effect of rotor spinning can only work within the perimeter of the rotor condensation groove, so the drawing process is required to ensure the uniformity of the fiber sliver in order to obtain good yarn evenness. The twist of air-jet yarn is generally higher than that of ring-spun yarn, so it needs to be naturally twisted or heat-set to be suitable for post-processing.

The structural characteristics of air-jet yarn are large voids, poor fiber straightness, less inner and outer fiber transfer and different twists, so the strength of the yarn is low and the elongation is large. However, the fabric feels plump and thick, has good warmth retention, wear resistance, good pulp and moisture absorption, and high color absorption rate. Rotor spinning is suitable for many products such as corduroy, denim, khaki, yarn-dyed fleece, printed fleece, fleece blankets, thread blankets, bath towels and upholstery fabrics, etc.

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JGR331 Open End Spinning Machine (OE Spinning Machine) using suction type spinning box, bearing type rotary cup;  The whole structure of the equipment adopts flat design to reduce the operation height. The applicable raw materials of the equipment are: pure cotton, pure polyester, polyester cotton, viscose and so on. It has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency.

JGR531 type rotor spinning machine borrowed JGR331 model design, using bearing rotary cup, the design of the spinning machine is aimed at the suitability of cotton, polyester, thread cotton, recycled cotton and their blends....

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