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Stretch Ratio of Texturing Machine, Texturising Machine, Texturizing Machine

Stretch Ratio of Texturing Machine, Texturising Machine, Texturizing Machine

Stretch Ratio of Texturing Machine

The draw ratio is generally determined by the remaining draw ratio of POY, which directly affects the fineness, strength and elongation of the filament. As the draw ratio increases, the strength of the filament increases, the elongation decreases, the crimp rate is low, and the crimp stability is improved. This is mainly because as the draw ratio increases, the fiber macromolecules are stretched and arranged neatly along the fiber axis, the orientation degree of the drawn filaments increases, and the crystallization of macromolecules is induced at the same time, thereby increasing the strength of the filaments. Due to the high stretching ratio, the degree of orientation of the macromolecules in the fiber increases, and the possibility of further stretching decreases, so the performance of re-stretching decreases during the stretching process; in addition, due to the increase in the stretching ratio, the tension High limits the rapid displacement required for the development of fiber crimp, and the fiber crimp is dense, so the crimp rate decreases and the crimp stability increases. If the draw ratio is too low, the tension is small, and it is easy to fluctuate and slip, resulting in tight twist. Therefore, appropriately increasing the draw ratio within a certain range can stabilize twisting, reduce the difference between spindle positions, increase the A rate of dyeing, and reduce the difference in post-processing. For single fine fibers, the stretch cannot be too large, and the adjustable range is relatively narrow.

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JGT1200D Air Jet Texturing Machine is mainly to polyamide (nylon) POY filament, through stretching and false twist deformation processing into high elastic false twist deformation silk (nylon DTY stretch wire).  In each spindle position, S twist and Z twist double wire spline is directly processed into no residual torque wire in one step. Compared with single spindle production spline, the output of the machine is doubled...

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