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Texturing Machine, Hot Box Temperature

Texturing Machine, Hot Box Temperature

Texturing Machine, Hot Box Temperature

The temperature of the hot box mainly affects the crimp elongation, color fastness and dyeability of the filament. Different temperatures have a great influence on the various indicators of the fiber. At lower temperatures, as the temperature increases, the mobility of the molecules gradually increases, and the internal stress caused by thermal deformation decreases accordingly, so that the plasticity of the filaments strengthens the fibers. The deformation is sufficient, the bulkiness is improved, and the strength of the filaments is increased. However, as the temperature rises further, the amorphous orientation in the fiber is prone to de-orientation, which makes the fiber brittle, and the strength decreases, and it is easy to produce wool or monofilament bonding, resulting in stiff silk, which greatly reduces the crimp of the filament. sex. And when the temperature is too low, the deformation of the thread is insufficient, resulting in a decrease in crimp rate and crimp stability, and the thread is soft and inelastic as cotton silk. When processing fine denier yarn, due to the fineness of the fiber and its large specific surface area, the contact with the hot box and the heat performance are improved, so a slightly lower temperature can be selected.

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JGT1200D Air Jet Texturing Machine is mainly to polyamide (nylon) POY filament, through stretching and false twist deformation processing into high elastic false twist deformation silk (nylon DTY stretch wire).  In each spindle position, S twist and Z twist double wire spline is directly processed into no residual torque wire in one step. Compared with single spindle production spline, the output of the machine is doubled...

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