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Texturising Machine, Texturing Machine Speed Ratio

Texturising Machine, Texturing Machine Speed Ratio

The speed ratio (D/Y) is the key to determine the bulkiness, elasticity and feel of the processed yarn. The greater the false twist, the greater the crimping force, the more thin and more crimping, the fuller the appearance of the yarn after untwisting, and the twisting absorbs the tension fluctuation caused by stretching at the same time, so that the tension change is reduced , The filament deformation is uniform and good. If the D/Y ratio is too high, it will easily cause uneven twist and slip of the fiber, and with the increase of frictional resistance, it will lead to a decrease in the strength and elongation of the filament, and there will be more wool; if the D/Y ratio is too low, it will easily cause tension fluctuations. , the false twist effect is not good, and the dyed cloth is uniform. The optimal D/Y ratio is determined by the positive pressure of the thread on the disc and the friction coefficient between the thread and the dial. Generally, the ratio of untwisting tension to twisting tension is 1. The elasticity index of processing DTY should be properly adjusted according to the customer's requirements. Since this product is mainly used for weaving, the elasticity needs to be appropriately reduced.

Texturising Machine, Texturing Machine Speed Ratio-1

JGT1000D DTY Machine, Yarn Draw Texturing Machine mainly used for POY yarn, through tensile and elastic energy in false twist deformation processed into a low false twist textured yarn (DTY polyester stretch yarn), processing in each ingot will read S and Z twist of double wire directly to step into a partnership with no residual torque silk, relative to the spindle joint stock after production, the machine production doubled....

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