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The difference in details of FDY/POY/DTY

The difference in details of FDY/POY/DTY

Polyester low elastic yarn (abbreviated as DTY) is a type of textured polyester filament yarn. It uses polyester chips as raw material to spin polyester pre-oriented yarn (POY) at high speed, and then stretches through false twisting and stretching. made. DTY yarn not only has the characteristics of general polyester high breaking strength and elastic modulus, excellent heat setting, good resilience, heat resistance, light resistance, strong corrosion resistance, easy to wash and quick dry, but also has high bulkiness, It has the characteristics of good heat insulation, comfortable handle and soft luster. It is an ideal raw material for knitting and weaving. It is suitable for making clothing fabrics, bedding and decorative products.

The abbreviation of FDY is fully drawn yarn, which is a processing method after spinning. DTY is stretch textured yarn. During subsequent processing, the silk is twisted in a certain direction, and the silk is still straight after winding. But in a relaxed state, it shrinks and puffs up. While FDY is in a relaxed state, there is no contraction.

The detail difference between DTY and FDY is that the difference in drafting speed when the fibers are bundled leads to the difference in the process. There is also a kind of POY here. DTY is a kind of textured yarn belonging to POY. Feeding high-temperature equipment produces more curly DTY, so the DTY fabric will be softer and fluffier. The difference in the drawing speed of the fibers leads to the birth of these Ys. The drawing speed of FDY is about twice that of POY, which leads to different changes in the molecular structure of FDY and POY after stretching. FDY fibers are more straight, and POY Relatively more curved. So simply speaking, the difference between FDY and DTY in the textile industry is DTY: stretched textured yarn, the fiber is rolled. FDY: fully drawn yarn, the fiber is straight. POY: DTY is a textured yarn belonging to POY. FDY and DTY are produced by process differences in production, and different processes correspond to fabrics with different needs.

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