Compact Spinning Machine

JGR231 Type Yarn Spinning Machine For Sale
JGR231 Type Yarn Spinning Machine For Sale

Compact spinning

like ring spinning but with fibers lined up parallely first

About Spinning of Cotton Yarn

Cotton can be defined as a soft, furry plant fibre being extracted from the cotton plant. Cotton is made up of staple fibre that grows in a ball or protective case. Cotton is a widely used fibre that is used all over the world for different purposes. Cloth factories use this staple fibre for producing shirts, sarees, socks, towels, blankets, medical purposes, and other medical or cosmetic products.


What is Spinning?

Spinning is the process of binding together drawn-out strands of fibres to form a yarn. It is a major process used by the textile industries. It is the manufacturing process for creating polymer fibres. Some of the different types of spinners used in the textile industries are Ring, Rotor, Air Jet.

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