Yarn Cone Winding Machine

HKV101D Yarn Winding Machine For Sale
HKV101D Yarn Winding Machine For Sale

Yarn cone winding machine is a high-level new-generation textile machinery product integrating machine, electricity, instrument and gas. The tube yarn is wound into a knotless bobbin and the yarn defect is removed during the winding process. Its joints are mechanical knotting, air splicing, mechanical boring, and can be wet and hot. It is suitable for the winding process of cotton, wool, fiber, pure spinning and blending to produce high quality knotless yarn. It is suitable for fiber varieties: cotton, wool, chemical fiber and blends. It is suitable for yarn varieties: single yarn, strand.

The automatic winder is equipped with: air knotter, mechanical knotter; electronic yarn clearer; nickel alloy cast iron drum; mechanical anti-folding device; balance, shockproof, tension device; fixed length and sizing device; single spindle frequency conversion speed control device; waxing device; integrated monitoring system for the machine head; swimming and suction device. The cone winding machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed, high quality, stability, convenient maintenance and excellent performance.

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