Elastic Yarn Covering Machine

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale
HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

Elastic Covering Machine, Elastic Yarn Covering Machine

Our elastic yarn covering machine are built to last longer, with minimal breakdowns. This increases the output capacity on any given working day.

Modern technology yarn products appeal to many buyers seeking quality fabrics. Our high-production Elastic yarn covering machine have better warranties for after-sales services. The reasonable delivery times allow various textile businesses to begin production in real-time.

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex/Elastic Yarn Covering Machine is a new type of coating equipment with a high degree of mechatronics. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the process adjustment is flexible and convenient; the middle section adopts a modular roller structure, and a single spindle starts and stops independently. At the same time, it is equipped with imported network nozzles, which is suitable for air covering between nylon, polyester and other raw materials or between spandex, and the finished products are widely used in knitting and woven fields (such as: seamless underwear, Sportswear, casual wear, elastic bands, swimwear, knitted socks, industrial fabrics, etc.

The elastic yarn covering machine produce quality yarns for premium fabrics. The low cost of maintenance and operation lowers the cost of production, giving better profits. The mechanical parts are easily replaceable, helping reduce the hassle of finding spare parts. Compact packaging of these machines protects them against damage on-transit.

The automatic elastic yarn covering machine are easy to operate with minimal monitoring after switching on the production lines.

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