Air Texturing Machine

JGT1200D Type Air Jet Texturing Machine For Sale
JGT1200D Type Air Jet Texturing Machine For Sale

Air Texturing Machine has the following functions: it feeds continuous fibers (POY/FDY) such as nylon and polyester into an air texturizing nozzle with a feed roller set at arbitrary speed, interlaces that yarn with air or blends them using turbulence generated by compressed air inside the nozzle, and then produces yarn known as ATY.

Application of an auto-doffing device allows less manpower to be needed and for the yarn to be maintained at the specified length. These features suit application to warp yarn. Special yarn such as differential shrinkage yarn for use in peachskin-like fabrics and slub yarn (knubbed yarn) for splash-pattern fabrics can also be produced depending on the specifications of the machine used.

Nylon ATY is often used in sportswear, umbrellas and bags.

Fabric woven with this yarn has been utilized in famous sports brands and is well-known all over the world.

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