Latex Spandex Covering Machine

HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale
HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale

Taking the highest electronic technology to change from mechanical type into fully automatic computerized operation.
Operation become simple, the consumption of machine parts was reduced noise is less and the data output from the computer is accurate.

The spandex or Latex covering yarn is very popular to use for garment elastic tape or fabric. This Latex Spandex after processed by Latex Spandex Covering Machine, the outside of Latex and Spandex will be covered one yarn or two yarns which is controlled the elongation of Latex and Spandex. Also the yarn can protect the Latex and Spandex to be defect. for this reason, the final product will be smooth and get even after use the covering yarn.

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