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HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale
HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

Air Covering, Air Covered Yarn, Air Covering Machine

The manufacturing of air-covered yarns is an efficient production process. Air covered yarn is manufactured by creating a physical intermingle of yarn with other synthetic filament like Polyester or Nylon by the help of compressed air applied through a nozzle.

Air-covered yarn is a regular intermingled yarn, the covering filament yarn and Spandex are drawn meanwhile from a special jet nozzle where the yarns are air-jetted at regular intervals by high compressed air. In this process, the elastane component is intermingled with a filament yarn using compressed air and wound straight onto the yarn spool. Air-covered yarns have a powdery look and an exceptional softness. They are mainly used for socks and seamless articles.

Compared to the conventional covering (CCY) process, the air covering process excels in much higher productivity, especially for fine counts, since the DTY and Elastane are intermingled and not twisted together, eliminating the requirements of high need of high rotation speeds, which is limiting factor of the CCY process.

Air Covering Machine

The air covering machine has the following functions: it feeds continuous fibers such as polyurethane yarn, generally known as spandex, nylon and polyester, into an interlacing nozzle with a feed roller set at arbitrary speed, interlaces that yarn with air using turbulence generated by compressed air inside the nozzle, and then produces yarn known as ACY.

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine is a new type of coating equipment with a high degree of mechatronics. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the process adjustment is flexible and convenient; the middle section adopts a modular roller structure, and a single spindle starts and stops independently. At the same time, it is equipped with imported network nozzles, which is suitable for air covering between nylon, polyester and other raw materials or between spandex, and the finished products are widely used in knitting and woven fields (such as: seamless underwear, Sportswear, casual wear, elastic bands, swimwear, knitted socks, industrial fabrics, etc.

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