Yarn Twisting Machine

HKV151B(BI) Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine For Sale
HKV151B(BI) Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine For Sale

Modern technology yarn products appeal to many buyers seeking quality fabrics. High-production yarn twisting machine have better warranties for after-sales services. The reasonable delivery times allow various textile businesses to begin production in real-time.


HKV151B (BI) Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine is a new type of special yarn spinning machine with wide adaptability and complete functions.  Its fancy shape is completed by microcomputer and frequency conversion control technology, which is suitable for spinning various types of fancy yarns, such as loop yarn, slub yarn, corrugated yarn, multi-color knot yarn, etc.

Product Features

  1. Swing-open spindle, easy to operate and large feeding capacity.
  2. The speed of each roller, spindle, false twister and coiler is individually controlled by frequency conversion and PLC program control, which is easy to operate and accurate in process.
  3. The unique comb device has independent patent property rights, and the output of bamboo products is obviously more than doubled, and the production efficiency is doubled.
  4. Three-layer creel is suitable for feeding more raw materials.

User-selectable components

Four-layer creel: suitable for feeding more raw materials.

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