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Listed company in China, Stock Code: SZ002006
The leader of special equipment technology and the promoter of industrial upgrading.

The textile machinery branch of JINGGONG Science & Technology is Chinese textile machinery equipment industry association executive director unit, mainly produce JGR series rotor spinning machine, JGT series texturizing machine, HKV141 series spandex covering machine, HKV101 series winding machine, HKV151 series fancy yarn twisting machine,JGW series precision rewinding machine and other products, products sales all over the country and exported to many countries.

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JINGGONG Textile Machine – The leader of Textile Machinery in China

Texturing Machine

Texturing Machine

Texturing Machine mainly processes POY raw yarn (polyester pre-oriented yarn) into false-twist textured yarn (DTY polyester elastic yarn) with low elastic properties by stretching and false-twisting texturing. Different varieties of network yarn can be processed. DTY network filament: Network filament refers to the filament in which the filaments are entangled with each other and form periodic network points through the action of jet air flow in the network nozzle.

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Rotor Spinning Machine

Rotor Spinning Machine is a new type of spinning technology that uses air flow to condense, twist and output fibers in a high-speed spinning rotor. The opening roller is used to grab and card the fed sliver fibers, and the centrifugal force generated by its high-speed rotation can throw the grabbed fibers out. The spinning rotor is a small metal cup, and its rotation speed is more than 10 times higher than that of the combing roller.
Rotor Spinning Machine
Yarn Covering Machine

Yarn Covering Machine

Spandex covered yarn is an elastic yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn in a spiral manner with filament or short fiber yarn. According to the number of covering layers, the spandex covered yarn can be divided into single covering and double covering.

Enterprise advantages

Product quality

High-standard and high-precision production tooling requirements, providing products that meet customer needs and whose quality can withstand international evaluations.


The perfect after-sales service system has always insisted that the equipment installation is the responsibility of the company's personnel, the standards are unified, and the installation quality is tracked and assessed.

Research & development

Has a professional technology research and development center, high-end technology research and development talents, and cooperates with industry associations, domestic and foreign research and development institutions and colleges to innovate.

Energy saving

The application of more optimized systems and imported parts enables some models to save 10% energy compared with other brands of equipment with the same configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main sales areas of our equipment are Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. Major countries such as: Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, etc.

Yes, we have a professional team to provide online and offline service installation support.

The warranty period for general equipment is 1 year.

As we insist on putting quality first and spend a lot of time and money developing how to make machines more automated, more productive, and less energy intensive.

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