Air Jet Covering Machine

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale
HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

Air Jet Covering Machine is used to make air covered yarn, Spandex/Lycra, Polyester yarn, Nylon yarn, Polypropylene yarn air covering with air jet. It also can be used as rewinding machine and doubling machine.

The machine starts slowly with inverter, stable performance, easy operation. Individual spindle control, set length stop. When the yarn is full on the bobbin or yarn broken, the spindle will stop automatically.

It’s a highly cost effective machine ( small investment, large capacity, convenient production and different spindle can produce different yarn size). The final product suits for the seamless underwear, socks, gloves and so on.

Machine can be used to make for the FDY intermingle point. (option)

Features: Each Spindle with Air Jet, Individual Oiling System, Yarn Sensor Device and Tensioner.

Air-covered yarn (ACY) is a yarn in which the outer fiber filament and spandex yarn are drawn through a certain type of nozzle at the same time, and the rhythmic network point is formed by the regular spray pressure of high-compressed air.

When you are delving in the production of yarn, you will realize that different materials have different requirements for production. To efficiently produce thread for spandex, polyester, nylon, and lycra; investing in a quality classic Air Jet Covering Machine is imperative.

In the spinning process, the spandex stretch is an important process parameter, which affects the coverage of the covered yarn and the elasticity of the fabric, and affects the elongation of the covered yarn. Uniformity and creep properties. The pre-draw ratio of spandex is too small, and the advantage of elasticity of elastic fabric can not be fully utilized. When the drafting is too high, the spinning is difficult, and the yarn breaks easily, and the product quality decreases. In addition, the percentage of spandex yarn also affects. The covered yarn has high elasticity, high content and good elasticity. In the case of a certain size of the spandex yarn, the draw ratio is increased, and the percentage of the spandex yarn is lowered, that is, the pre-draw ratio of the spandex is inversely proportional to the percentage of the spandex.

The tensile strength of the covered yarn increases with the increase of the pre-draw ratio of the spandex. After the drafting reaches a certain value, the shrinkage of the spandex yarn causes the outer fiber to be curled, and the spandex core wire is straightened; The pre-draw ratio, the percentage of spandex is reduced, and the degree of crimping of the outer fiber is large. However, when the drafting is too large, the deformation amplitude of the spandex yarn is close to the critical value of the deformation, which will cause the strength of the covered yarn to decrease, but it is advantageous for the coated yarn to be evenly dried.

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