Lycra Covering Machine, Lycra Air Covering Machine

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine is a new type of coating equipment with a high degree of mechatronics. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the process adjustment is flexible and convenient; the middle section adopts a modular roller structure, and a single spindle starts and stops independently. At the same time, it is equipped with imported network nozzles, which is suitable for air covering between nylon, polyester and other raw materials or between spandex, and the finished products are widely used in knitting and woven fields (such as: seamless underwear, Sportswear, casual wear, elastic bands, swimwear, knitted socks, industrial fabrics, etc.

Lycra Covering Machine

HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale
HKV204 Air Jet Spandex Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

Spandex/Lycra covered yarn

Spandex/Lycra covered yarn is an elastic yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn in a spiral manner with filament or short fiber yarn.
Spandex/Lycra covered yarns are made of bare Spandex covering with various filament yarns such as Polyester, Nylon, Viscose, Cotton and so on. One can knit or weave Spandex Covered Yarn into different types of fabric for the end product. The clothes with it are stretchable and the narrows with it are comfortable.

Lycra Covering Machine, Air Covering Machine

Air covering produces elastic yarn by combining textured yarn with elastane. Both threads are interlaced by running them through an intermingling jet where air pressure is applied. One or more drawn textured yarns (DTY) are overfed to enter the air jet with minimal tension and create intermingling points. A specific draw ratio is applied to the elastane during the air covering process and creates the required elasticity for the final product. The structure of air-covered yarn (ACY) is quite different from the conventional covered yarn. ACY alternates intermingling points and open lengths, whereas filament yarn is wrapped around the elastane for CCY.

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