HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale

HKV141A spandex covered yarn machine is suitable for producing fine denier covered products (covering between nylon or polyester and spandex). And other specifications covered wire production. Its final products are mainly used in the field of knitting such as: velvet ultra-thin socks, underwear and so on.

Spandex Yarn Covering Machine

HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale
HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale

Spandex Covering Machine, Latex Spandex Covering Machine

The spandex covering yarn is very popular to use for garment elastic tape or fabric. This Latex Spandex after processed by Latex Spandex Yarn Covering Machine, the outside of Latex and Spandex will be covered one yarn or two yarns which is controlled the elongation of Latex and Spandex. Also the yarn can protect the Latex and Spandex to be defect. for this reason, the final product will be smooth and get even after use the covering yarn.

The covered-yarn machine is able to produce both single covering and double-covering which feature an extremely high performance and works to have the yarns of different natures as the cored wires, such as spandex, low stretch yarn, elastic ribbon, filament, metallic yarns and LVREX high stretch yarn; and have cotton yarn, synthetic fiber, polyamide, polyester, real silk and metallic yarns as the covering yarns.

HKV141D Single Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV141D Spandex/Elastic Yarn Covering Machine (Single Yarn Covering Machine) is suitable for the production of 70D~600D covered yarns of different specifications (covering between nylon, polyester or cotton yarn and spandex). The advantage of low power consumption. Its final products are mainly used in knitting fields such as hosiery, weaving and underwear.

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