Yarn Covering Machine

Spandex covered yarn is an elastic yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn in a spiral manner with filament or short fiber yarn. According to the number of covering layers, the spandex covered yarn can be divided into single covering and double covering.

The Yarn covering machine is able to produce both single covering and double-covering which feature an extremely high performance and works to have the yarns of different natures as the cored wires, such as spandex, low stretch yarn, elastic ribbon, filament, metallic yarns and LVREX high stretch yarn; and have cotton yarn, synthetic fiber, polyamide, polyester, real silk and metallic yarns as the covering yarns.

Air Covering Machine

The air yarn covering machine has the following functions: it feeds continuous fibers such as polyurethane yarn, generally known as spandex, nylon and polyester, into an interlacing nozzle with a feed roller set at arbitrary speed, interlaces that yarn with air using turbulence generated by compressed air inside the nozzle, and then produces yarn known as ACY.

Air covering is not only economically interesting for its superior efficiency, but the high quality and the excellent ACY properties also make it an attractive solution whenever production of elastic yarn is needed.

HKV141A Spandex Yarn Covering Machine

HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale
HKV141A Spandex Covered Yarn Machine For Sale

HKV141A Yarn Covering Machine, Air Covering Machine

Equipment overview

HKV141A spandex covered yarn machine is suitable for producing fine denier covered products (covering between nylon or polyester and spandex). And other specifications covered wire production. Its final products are mainly used in the field of knitting such as: velvet ultra-thin socks, underwear and so on.

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Main Technical Parameters

Type Double-Sided Double-Layer
Number Of Spindles 224(Single) 112(Double) 256(Single) 128(Double) 288(Single) 144(Double)
Spindle Distance (Mm) 200
Sections 7 8 9
Spindles For Each Section 32
Dimension(Mm) 14570×1420×2100 16400×1420×2100 18230×1420×2100
Electricity Consumption(Kw) 13 13 13
Twist Range(T/M) 300~2200
Spindle No-Load Mechanical Speed (R/Min) 17000~20000
Take-Up Bobbin Dimension(Mm) 160×Φ69×Φ56.5
Bobbin Dimension(Mm) 锥形100×Φ(62-65)×Φ32
Take-Up Speed(M/Min) <40
Yarn Guide Forming 10-16 Mechanical Forming/Computer Forming
Twist Direction S、Z Twisting
Spandex Draft Ratio (Times) 1.6~4.5
Covering Yarn Size(Denial) 20~100

Spandex/Lycra Covering Machine

Spandex/Lycra covered yarn is an elastic yarn formed by using spandex yarn as the core and wrapping the stretched spandex yarn in a spiral manner with filament or short fiber yarn.

Spandex/Lycra covered yarns are made of bare Spandex covering with various filament yarns such as Polyester, Nylon, Viscose, Cotton and so on. One can knit or weave Spandex Covered Yarn into different types of fabric for the end product. The clothes with it are stretchable and the narrows with it are comfortable.

HKV141D Single Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV141D spandex covered yarn machine (Single Yarn Covering Machine) is suitable for the production of 70D~600D covered yarns of different specifications (covering between nylon, polyester or cotton yarn and spandex). The advantage of low power consumption. Its final products are mainly used in knitting fields such as hosiery, weaving and underwear.

Elastic Yarn Covering Machine

The elastic yarn covering machine produce quality yarns for premium fabrics. The low cost of maintenance and operation lowers the cost of production, giving better profits. The mechanical parts are easily replaceable, helping reduce the hassle of finding spare parts. Compact packaging of these machines protects them against damage on-transit.

Rubber Covering Machine

Rubber covering machine is commonly used in the production of elastic yarns, no matter single covered, double covered, core yarn can use elastic or non-elastic. Due to different twist range to reach different effect. According to volume of yarns use or user habits , elastic yarns forming by mechanical or electric traverse system.

Application: Suitable for elastic and non-elastic covered core, such as spandex, nylon, polyeste。

HKV141E Type Double-Covering Yarn Covering Machine For Sale

HKV141E Rubber Covered Yarn Machine (Double-Covering Yarn Covering Machine) is espe cially suitable for rubber or spandex covering yarn with latex or spandex as core yarn, the machine is equipped with rubber dividing device. It is with single layer welding machine frame and low operation height, the final product is widely used in garment, mesh belt, sports socking and fabric and so on.

Metallic Covered Yarn Machine

HKV141J (ST、MS Type) Metallic Covered Yarn Machine For Sale

HKV 141J Covering machine for metallic yarn adopts the rayon or polyester filament as the core thread which will be covered with different spe cification metallic threads to

produce the ST,MS type metallic yarn. The final product can be widely used as embroidery yarn, present decoration ayarn and son on

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